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Ikea Hack Billy Bookcase Kitchen Island

HOMIKOFY.CO – Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack for those of you who have a hobby of reading books, not an easy thing to get into bookstores without buy up a number of newly published books or books best seller. It’s not unusual when you pay a visit to the home of a friend who was very hobby of reading and finding dozens even hundreds of books are scattered everywhere. Most of these books are usually arrayed in the shelves of books so it looks more presentable. The bookshelves that we see are usually rectangular or square-shaped and made of wood. The shelves of books like that looks very boring and outdated. The current design of the Bookcase square again not boring.

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There is a great selection of furniture for you home decor is Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack. It all depends on your taste and style. The room is minimalist is certainly less fit with classic-style furniture, as well as vice versa. When you choose book shelves to organize the books Collection, sure you want a rack that fits with the theme Room. Want to shelf a little different but still cool? You can select the Bookcase that may you like among the 30 coolest Bookcase below

You who like mathematics will surely love this Bookcase . Taking ideas from mathematical symbols Marcos Breder design Bookcase . Bookcase design is very unique and stylish. In addition to cool, you can arrange Book based on its kind and separating them with symbols (bookmarks) which can be moved. Not only is attractive, this bookcase is also very functional.

One of the main causes of the House looks falling apart is the stuff that is scattered and carelessly stored throughout the area of the House. These items can be a child’s toy, decoration-wall hangings, pictures, display or books that already done is read.

The placement of these items may initially would not interfere, but eventually will be a quite serious issue for you. Store your stuff in vain in addition will make the stuff fast breaks, it can also make you have trouble looking for it because it is covered with other goods. To deal with this issue, you don’t have to waste all of your display, or book into the trash but have a few shelves or walls that you can use as a place to organize all of the ornaments, books, and photographs of you, the presence of the wall shelf will also make the House feel neat, plus the current myriad of design wall shelf which has a minimalist concept, modern but with a sweet design so that your home makes the room more interesting.

Have a wall shelf is indeed interesting, but what is not going to take a lot of place? Remember the House I wasn’t too great.

If that is your problem, you need not fear. Most wall shelving currently available has a size that is small and minimalist so it won’t require a lot of space but still will make you more visible colored walls with various colors and minimalist wall shelf design.

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack In the hands of people who are creative, the bookshelves are boring and outdated can be transformed into a unique book shelf and multifunctional. In addition to being a place to store books, bookshelves with innovative design can be used as a sweetener Chamber in order for the design of the room look more interesting. For those of you who read the book, hobby and want to buy a rack to organize your favorite books, you’ll surely be confusion select the Bookcase designs that currently exists in the market. But before you get busy with a variety of interesting bookshelves design, here are tips on choosing the bookshelves that are offered by

Tips On Choosing A Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack

1. the size of the room
The first thing to do before buying a bookcase is a measure of the room where you will place the Bookcase . In addition to measuring the floor area, you should also measure the height of the walls and ceiling of the room. Make sure there is also enough room to walk between the book shelves to make it easier to take a collection of your favorite book. By making sure the size of the room, you will avoid buying a bookcase that is too big or too small bookcase.

2. materials Maker Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack
Specify the material also the makers of the Bookcase you want to buy. Currently widely available book shelf with a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or glass. Wood veneers or thin wood boards is the most inexpensive Bookcase . But the Bookcase with metal materials (iron, stainless steel) and solid hardwoods (oak, maple, walnut, teak and) usually have better quality and more powerful but with a more expensive price.

3. fill the Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack

Though the bookcase is a great place to store books, bookshelves can also serve as a storage area for items other than books such as the vcd collection of your favorite movies, video game cassettes, or photos. By making a list of what items will be saved in your Bookcase will be, it will help you in choosing the size and type of bookcase required. Make sure you choose a bookcase that fits your needs, as well as to suit the theme of your room.

4. consider the Bookcase with doors
One of the benefits of having a Bookcase has doors, your books will be spared from the dust. Door bookcase made of wood is a good choice when you want to hide the “chaos” in it, but when you do you want to show off your collection of books, you can choose a bookcase with doors made of glass.

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