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Queen Loft Bed For Adults

HOMIKOFY.CO – Loft Beds for Adults  Have a small bedroom or small? Want your bed look more spacious and comfortable? Well, one way to work around this is to choose a proper bed. A Loft Beds for Adults or bunk beds (loft bed) could be a suitable option for you.

Your child is old enough to have their own rooms, but the land is not sufficient to create a new space? No need to worry, just take advantage of the attic (attic) unused. For most people, attic is often used as a store or warehouse. However, there is no harm if  area is used as a bedroom.

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Rework attic into a bedroom requires careful planning. For area under eaves is a place where air velocity of hot air will be released back to  outside, while fresh air flowed into inner room. Therefore design needs to be planned carefully in order to feel comfortable when occupied. Here are some important points that you should know before you start building a room in the attic.

  1. Change Loft Beds for Adults the Ceiling to Floor

The problem to be faced when changing function is to make the attic ceiling of the house as a floor for a new room. After unpacking the ceiling, create a floor with Loft Beds for Adults so that the attic floor will be strong to accommodate the furniture and the activity is on it. We recommend using lightweight materials floor coverings to reduce the burden, such as wood or vinyl flooring. Do not forget to give a layer antirayap so durable wood.

  1. Roof Construction

The second thing you should notice is the construction of the roof, as well as the slope of the roof material relating to comfort you when you’re at the bottom. Make sure the distance between your head in a standing position has a considerable distance to the height of the roof. Safe limit for the slope of the roof is 50% or have a size of 84 inches. The size of a standard size for the position of standing in the attic. In addition, for the ceiling height should ideally not less than 2m – 2.4 m.

Further checks roof construction material. Mild steel frame would be quite difficult for the horses mild steel is tightly around 1m – 1.5m. It will be easier when using a wood or concrete for horses both these materials range from 3m – 4m.

  1. Loft Beds for Adults  Air Circulation

The rooms were located in the attic, usually has the air is hotter than the room below. To overcome it, you can install insulation under a layer of tile, such as aluminum foil glass wool or polyurethane to reduce heat absorption. If you want more cool add the window as a natural  in the attic area. By doing so, the air circulation will also be better. If the window is not enough, can also attach an artificial cooling, such as air conditioner (AC).

Meanwhile, in order that the attic was too dark during the day, you can make the skylights in the roof. The size of the skylight itself determined by the needs of light in the attic. Only, so that the light from the outside is not too dazzling, place the skylight in the darkest side of the room.

  1. Access Attic

Because the loft located above the room, certainly should think about how to achieve it. In addition, because the rooms in the attic intended for children, the width of the staircase must be observed in order not difficult for children to move. The layout of the ladder should also be considered so as not to make the house look cramped and disrupt the flow of activities in the space underneath.

  1. Furniture

Generally, the size is not so spacious loft. Therefore, you should not put too much furniture. You can work around this by using the built-in furniture, because the design can also function as a storage space.

Do you live in an apartment the mini? If you are looking for a bigger place, but no idea, go ahead, consider the following enlightenment? Limitations make us more creative! These are some creative ideas about arranging a bed in a small room!

Size limited land and buildings made mostly modest homeowners confused when trying to add a room to sleep Loft Beds for Adults in their Home If the modification is not possible horizontal, vertical can be a solution.

Nowadays many new housing designs that implement high roof with the concept of exposure, ie, with no ceiling or ceiling sloping roof follows the shape of a triangle. Loft Beds for Adults  high enough ceiling distance.

The purpose of Loft Beds for Adults this high roof is to actually make the air circulation more smoothly. However, you can also use it to increase the space by creating a loft or mezzanine.

Before discussing more about the design of the bedroom loft, it helps if they understand in advance the understanding of the attic and mezzanine. Although both are often called the same, but it is very different.

Building on the attic is usually only semi-permanent with the support material in the form of materials from wood flooring, plywood, and and multiplex. While the mezzanine is more permanent and has been planned for the construction of the house took place.

These beds do not take up much space in Loft Beds for Adults . Even your room so it looks neater and easier to clean if it has a loft bed. Though not more curious with a loft bed, let’s just take a peek photos of inspiration in this gallery.

The first is the height of the roof of the house. Make sure that the height of the ceiling in the attic roof has a slope of 50% limit. This is a standard size when you are in an attic in a standing position.

If you are sure to make a bedroom in the attic, find a builder of the recommendation of relatives. It is better to choose the system daily, because builders have to work continuously without any chance of unemployed.

To streamline the artisan work, prepare material and engineering drawings that explain what needs to be replaced, broken down and built. If in two days his work is not satisfactory, you can stop it whenever you want.

When the bedroom loft has been completed and ready for use, it is time for you to design it as you wish. When you feel I have a lot of ideas and creativity, Loft Beds for Adults has summarized the attic bedroom design that can be replicated.

The hot air is always at the top. Therefore, part of the attic or mezzanine will also feel more hot and stuffy. To work around this, you need to install tiles made of aluminum foil which is able to reflect back the sun’s heat radiation. Thus, the temperature of the room will feel cooler even in daylight. Also consider using turbine roof ventilator.

Loft Beds for Adults  Note also the structure of the material used, so that will not happen things that are detrimental. In addition to a stronger structure, you should notice is the flooring material. Because certainly, the loft will be filled by a variety of furniture should be sturdy and strong. In order not to endanger anyone, especially your baby, check carefully how to get to the attic of another room in the house.



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