Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

How to decor christmas

HOMIKOFY.CO – Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas, welcome to our first Christmas home tour! I’m so glad you’re here! Christmas is a good time to decorate specially for strange decorations like me. When it comes to decorating our home, there are millions of choices ranging from elegant gold, pure white or traditional red and green styles. This holiday however I wanted to try something different and go to the countryside. I love this look because it adds a cozy, warm and charming atmosphere to home. Great news for DIY’ers – rustic Christmas decorations are easy to make too! So today I want to share with you with a definite list of Easy-made Rustic Christmas Home Decorating Tips.

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

All elements of organic nature are picked from the environment
Candles, Ornaments – Depot, Freiburg & local Christmas markets
Dried herbs, pine cones – Local Discounts (ALDI, LIDL)

Rustic bouquets

Christmas wreaths can be made of anything but the most classic is a wreath made from dried branches. It was handmade by my father-in-law and I added a dry hydrangea and a star to complete his performance. It can be displayed inside above the fireplace, walls and even doors. To learn how to make this cinnamon candle stick :

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

Christmas is really a favorite and the busiest time of the year for any strange creature like me. Christmas means sharing and bringing a festive touch to our homes. And what better way to welcome the spirit of the holiday, than to turn your home into a collection of miniature fun with a comfortable and colorful interior? There is a lot of inspiration from the Christmas decorations on the internet so people can really get lost in them. But I always seem interested in modern rural style. What can I say, I love the simplicity and clean lines. This festive season I would like to share some simple and fast craft and DIY budget and tutorials for a charming holiday decoration. To begin with let’s learn how to make Bamboo Cinnamon DIY candles.

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I love candles and I always want to keep it and keep it handy. Not only is the price cheap and creates a good atmosphere, but also a very versatile accessory. The cinnamon stick adds a beautiful texture and delicious aroma to the usual candles, making them food for the eyes and nose! So let’s learn how to solve this.


Neutral colored candles (I use light gray candle)
The cinnamon stick (I got it from the local craft store)
Glue or double sided tape
Ribbons or twines of choice

Steps as follows:

Glue the double sided tape around the center of the candle as shown. If you do not have double-sided tape, you can also add some glue around the candle.

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

Carefully fix the cinnamon stick to the glue or ribbon one by one slowly. Initially your wand may fall, but you will achieve balance immediately after your third stick.

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

Wind your twine or ribbon around the wax at least twice tightly to hold the stick in place. Tie the ends of the tape to make the bow. You can get more creative and add some decorations like pine cones, firs or holly branches etc. Aaaannnnnnd Bingo! Your cinnamon candle doll is ready for use as an ornament for your desk or the center of your coat.

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

DIY decor branches – Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

I took a curly willow branch from the last winter forest. And add a rural touch to it. You can be creative and add decorations, ornaments, pine cones or even stringed lights. Set them as the center for your Christmas table or place it on your window sill.

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

DIY Wooden crate – Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

Turn simple wooden chests like front porch or corner decoration. Make a base for your container with stone or paper to secure your settings. Now use the green branches, twigs, pine cones, birch wood and get the creative ones. You can also tie a big thick ribbon if you like. Easy to do but very stylish and best, you can collect most of the items in your crate from your surroundings making it virtually free of charge. Add some fairy lights to create a nice comfortable look.

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

DIY Christmas Jar Decor – Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

Jars make affordable gifts and Christmas decorations around the holidays. They will add a touch of rustic charm to your Christmas decoration, and showcase your artistic creativity and skill. Fill a jar with Christmas elements and candles. Wrap the yarn or ribbon lace around the jar and put a mixture of hot glue, cinnamon sticks and picks.

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

Christmas Table Centrepiece – Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas

This is one of my personal favorites. I use an old whiteboard as a base for my decoration. Placing the golden deer I took from the Christmas market along with a textured candle and chandelier candle holder. I use green branches and pine cones to fill empty space. Candles give the room a cozy vibe, perfect for spending intimate time with your loved ones this season. Say goodbye to your boring center and try this one!

Home Decorating Tips for Rural Christmas


I hope this Rustic Home Decorating Tips has inspired you to get started with your easy, budget-friendly Christmas decorations. This holiday season chooses a rustic style for Christmas decoration and makes your home stand out in the neighborhood!

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