How to make a good bamboo house?

HOMIKOFY.CO – Do you like bamboo? How to make a good bamboo house ? there are many tips to make a great bamboo architechture. On this post, we want to write five tips to make a good bamboo house, check this following tips :

  1. Choosing bamboo materials

You need to know the characteristics of bamboo first. Bamboo comes in a variety of sizes, especially different sizes of different diameters. Collecting bamboo with the same diameter size will be a bit difficult, choose a bamboo size that is easy to find. The smaller the diameter of the bamboo, the more bamboo materials you need.

2. Do not use nails ( iron )

Do not use iron nails when building a bamboo house. The iron spikes will only damage the bamboo. Another alternative is to use peg pegs, nails made of wood or bamboo itself. Iron spikes are certainly harder than peg pegs, so it can easily make bamboo cracks.

bamboo house design

3. Create a bamboo house design that suits the surrounding environment

The green and beautiful surroundings must be followed by simple and simple green bamboo house design. Young bamboo is the recommended color, which is light green color. You also need to make the right exterior design around your home. the balance of the look of the environment looks natural and blends perfectly.

4. Use environmentally friendly paint

Do not damage bamboo by giving paint that is not friendly to bamboo material. You can find many eco-friendly paint that can be used to paint bamboo, natural stone, and wood. Show original color of bamboo design using transparent paint. use a special protective coating for the bamboo to stay durable.

5. Routine maintenance of bamboo house

If you already have a simple bamboo house, do not forget to keep doing the best care. Clean your bamboo house every day. Check each corner of the bamboo to check for any damage or not that is usually caused by insects. If your home bamboo material is not properly maintained, then your bamboo house construction will be bad.

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