Wooden House Design Collection ( Minimalist )

HOMIKOFY.CO – Are you looking for wooden house design? homikofy will give some reference of wooden house design. Wooden house design is quite popular among various circles, especially those who like the nuances of nature. Many wooden houses were established in the village settlements that gave a simple impression. But now many city people want wooden house design.

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Collection of Minimalist Wooden House Design
Advantages of Classic Wooden House Design and Simple :

  • Build a wooden house can be said faster because there are some contractor businessmen who promote wooden houses with knock down system or unloading pairs so that the establishment can be done at the factory and assembled on the location of the construction of the house with a few days time.
  • Wooden houses can give a more natural or natural impression. This is a textural nature of wood that has natural lines from the trees.
  • For certain areas that have natural resources such as forests and lush trees, the establishment of wooden houses can be more efficient. For raw materials can be obtained from the forest or trees that exist around the development area.
  • And the most unique of wooden houses that are not owned by the house with other materials, wooden houses can be knock down system then it can be to be dismantled if the occupants want a change from the home location address.

Collection of Minimalist Wooden House Design

Collection of Minimalist Wooden House DesignCollection of Minimalist Wooden House DesignCollection of Minimalist Wooden House Design

Disadvantages of Classic Wooden House Design and Simple :

  • The scarcity of trees is one of the factors that can be fatal for the construction of tree houses. With the felling of trees without offset by reforestation, will harm the earth because it will make the earth threatened global warming is getting worse. Therefore it is suggested after we cut down our trees begin to re-plant it as a substitute for the trees we have cut down.
  • If you live in a large urban area with minimal tree and timber resources, setting up a wooden house will require even more money. For wood must be imported other areas that have many trees.
  • To establish a wooden house, you can not just choose a builder. Because your builders have to be really good at logging or can be called carpenters.

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