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Indirect Lighting Living Room

HOMIKOFY.CO – The perfect Indirect Lighting for the room are paramount. Unfortunately, we cannot make a steady lighting throughout the season. Maybe in the summer we can create with light fitting, yet when switched to the rainy season, the light automatically become fainter and harder to make it bright again.

Michael Murphy, an interior designer says that the secret of a proper lighting is a fitting balance among three things: ambient, task, and accent. Quoted from, here’s a more detailed explanation of the three types of lighting:

Ambient lighting (Indirect Lighting to determine the atmosphere)

As the name implies, Ambient lighting point to determine the mood of the room as a whole. To create a comfortable atmosphere with lighting, try to imagine such as recessed lighting of candles. “The atmosphere could provide a thorough explanation of the lighting in every corner of the room,” explained Murphy.

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Use Indirect Lighting to control the light level of the lighting fitting can give you a lot of convenience.

Task Lighting (Lighting to help job/activity)

Lighting is very important when you need to do the activity in the House. Like cooking, doing homework, or about to get ready to the bathroom. In the kitchen, you could put under the Cabinet lighting to illuminate the cooking preparation area. In the meantime you could put a floor lamp is stylish for duty gives perfect lighting in a living room or bedroom.

Task lighting is also useful in the bathroom by installing sconces (ornamental decorative luminaires on display on the wall – is useful for giving lighting spread). For the display of contemporary style, Murphy suggested to add a chandelier. “Installing a chandelier in the bathroom are now starting to become a trend,” he said.

Tip: Spread the light into so important even when you are about to install lighting in the bathroom. One way is simply by ensuring that the same amount of light from one side of the room. Make sure this light supply can replace ordinary lights mounted above the room. Lighting can also help prevent the presence of shadow and is suitable when you want to shave in the shower.

Accent lighting (lighting for decoration/expresses the accent)

Murphy recommends to provide accent lighting to show a specific object, such as a sculpture or a bookcase. “It can also be used to highlight architectural features or textured wall with other artistic values,” he said.

Usually people will install lighting behind the object with floodlights, but lighting with candles can also be an option. “Dim Light created this tends to create a pleasant atmosphere,” but do not select the candle fragrances, especially when it is about to illuminate areas of the dining table.

Tip: to create a perfect room displays art collection, consider using a spotlight that is operated with a battery and remote control.

“Dinner with your family and friends can be a bright and happy moments, but if you add Indirect Lighting You can more easily create an atmosphere of dimly lit dinner romantic,” he said.

Tip: when installing cables for your room, plug the well branched circuits. This Indirect Lighting can help you when want to Dim the lights, while making some other areas remained bright. This is a practical solution for those who want to create a perfect atmosphere in an instant.

Indirect Lighting To get the appropriate lighting in a space, then needed a proper lighting system in accordance with its needs. Lighting system in the room, including at workplace can be distinguished.

The light source is distinguished into two, namely the direct light and indirect light. Each has its own uniqueness as well as having shortcomings and advantages that we can take advantage of. As an example of direct light will give a hard shadow. Another thing with indirect light reflected and coming from various directions, making the subject seem tersinari it gently and evenly.

Natural Indirect Lighting from the Sun entering through openings. Covers, Windows and skylights. Natural lighting is needed in the House. Especially to save energy and provide a natural impression in the room.

However, natural lighting also has drawbacks. When it was noon, sunlight broke through the room accompanied by an increase in temperature. Any room come into heat. To overcome this, the room was given a veil. The goal, not direct sunlight into the House. For example, the granting of asbestos or shading in Windows and doors.

As for artificial lighting, based on its functions, there are three kinds of lighting. First, the general lighting or ambient lighting. This type of lighting was functioning light up an entire room. General lighting is artificial lighting in lieu of absolute natural lighting. The type of lamp used should produce light distribution spread flat and comfortable brightness. The resulting light still provide comfort for the occupants of the House.

The second type, task lighting. The lighting used to illuminate specific areas and to support certain activities. The type that was used, among other things, lamps, standing lamp, lamp and wall. Its nature is not absolute or not required in a dwelling.

The types of task lighting are much sought after community, among other things, the chandelier in the dining room, wall mounted fixture or standing lamp in the bedroom, and under cabinet fixture in the kitchen. The types of lights that are required have high light levels, but not the glare.

Semi Indirect Illumination system (semi indirect lighting)

On the system of 60-90% of the light is directed onto the ceiling and walls of the upper, while the rest are directed to the bottom. For optimal results it is recommended the ceiling needs to be given attention and cared for properly. On this system practically no shadow problems as well as Indirect Lighting can be reduced.

Indirect Lighting System (indirect lighting)

On this system is 90-100% of the light is directed onto the ceiling and walls of the top then reflected to illuminate an entire room. So that the whole of the ceiling can be a source of light, needs to be given attention and maintenance. The advantage of this system is not to cause a shadow and Indirect Lighting while the disadvantage of reducing the total light disappear to fall on the surface of the work.

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